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Store Bay

This beach, right next to the airport, with its clear blue sea and white sand is by far Tobago's most popular beach and, in holiday periods, it is full of Tobagonians and holidaying Trinis. There is little shade but recliners and umbrellas are readily available for hire. Swimming here is excellent and there is a small reef at the western end of the beach for snorkelling. Glass bottomed boat trips to Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pools leave from here.

Above the beach there are plenty of food kiosks a good bar and craft stalls so a great place for picking up your last minute presents before you leave. This beach is perfect for swimming at whilst waiting for your plane to land as the planes literally fly over the beach.

They have excellent changing and showering facilities here which close at 5pm. This whole area in Crown Point is usually busy with lots of bars and restaurants to check out.

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