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The most popular time to visit T&T is between January and March. This is the Carnival season and the climate is a comfortable average of 25–30°C. By May, the dry season is in full flow and the landscape loses its lushness until the rainy season starts in June. This lasts until December, but watch out for the dry spell in September, which can be a bit of an Indian summer of two to four weeks.

For those who like a warm climate, the good news is that Tobago is hot all year round – even in rainy season when, once the rain clears, you're usually left with a beautiful day. The water remains easily warm to enjoy a swim at anytime throughout the year. Tobago's temperatures are cooler than other Caribbean islands owing to the more constant north east trade winds. The fine winter weather is what attracts so many visitors to Tobago and makes it rhe perfect alternative to a grey, wet winter at home (If you live in England like me!).

However, in November it has been known to rain most of the month, with occasional periods when the rain goes on for days on end. The temperature, though, usually stays pleasant. Annual rainfall is about 40 inches (200cm) over most of the country. Fortunately, hurricanes in Tobago are rare as it is just south of the hurricane belt.

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