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Castara Bay

Castara bay is in a small friendly village where you are made to feel very welcome as soon as you arrive by everyone from the shopkeepers to the school children playing on the beach in their break. It is renowned for its fish, and there is a fishing facility in the middle of the beach. You will usually see the locals helping to pull the nets in and your help is always welcome too. You can buy your fresh fish here and take it home to cook for you supper. It is a long beach, which has a few shady spots with a restaurant and a bar. It is great for swimming and snorkelling as the sea is calm and clear, when it hasn't rained, and there are also lifeguards on duty here to look out for you. There is another smaller beach, known as Heavenly Bay, just around the headland on the northern end of the main beach, which has a beautiful reef just off the shore, and there is great snorkelling here too.

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