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May - Callaloo

The Dasheen bush - the main ingredient for one of the most traditional of West Indian dishes

2 bundles Dasheen leaves (or spinach)
1 cup coconut milk,
100g Pumpkin, 5 ochroes,.
Seasonings..thyme, chive, garlic, shadon bene (coriander), celery.
I HOT pepper, whole
3 flavour Peppers,
Crab or Pig Tail..optional

Wash dasheen leaves, and strip the stems and leaves. Chop vegetables and dasheen. Brown the garlic in the oil and add dasheen leaves, pumpkin and all the rest of the ingredients, except the salt and flavouring peppers. Top with water to cover ingredients. Cook until it has almost dried down and vegetables are soft. Keep hot pepper WHOLE! Remove hot pepper, add flavouring peppers, salt to taste and blend. Serve with breadfruit pie. (see March)

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