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Minister Bay (Big Bacolet)

Just off the Highway, past the Stadium heading east, there is a right turning. About half way up the road from the turn off, there is a black and white painted bridge. Park here. Taking the track along the left-hand side of the small river you will find a concrete bridge across the stream and a path leading to the sea.

This bay has, for the most part, a steeply shelving beach down to a rocky sea. Walking east along the deserted beach the sand flattens out and the rocks in the sea disappear. A great place to walk the dogs as it's such a long beach, about half a mile long, but when the tide is in there is no beach at all. You can swim here and sometimes get good waves for surfing off Bacolet point. The river at the back of the beach does have the occasional cayman (alligator) in it but these will not attack you!

There is a rip tide here, and no lifeguards so swimming can be dangerous.

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