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August - Fish broth

The Caribbean sea is famous for its many and varied large fish.

Sliced fish (grouper is first choice, after that dolphinfish and barracuda)
Herbs: such as parsley, thyme, shadon bene (coriander), celery.
Garlic, Ginger, Lime juice and Flavour pepper.
Green fig (peeled and scraped Irish potatoes, carrot, pumpkin et al.
Okra .. tender, small, topped and tailed.
Maggi fish soup packet.
Salt and black pepper

First, season the fish with the lime juice and all the seasonings suitably chopped up and leave to stand.

When the vegetables have been prepared, put them in water along with any ‘juices’ that may have sprung from the fish. Add the Maggi fish soup packet and bring to the boil. When the vegetables are tender, add the fish and the okra and continue until the fish is cooked. Adjust seasoning and serve!

August is school holidays and time for the beach. What better food to snack on than Mangoes, which are in such great supply at this time. And what better way to eat it than as “Chow’, chopped green mango with loads of salt, garlic and hot pepper!

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