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Rockly Bay

A long beach ending at what was the Hilton Hotel swimming pool! The sand is covered in parts in small fragments of coral and the back of the beach is covered in driftwood and plastic, some dumped, some brought in by the sea from all over the southern Caribbean. Dug out canoes from the Orinoco have been found here. There is a car park off the road, which you'll find near the middle of the beach.

This is a good beach for walking due to its length but not a real swimmer's beach, as the sea is shallow and you have to go far out to find water calm and deep enough to swim. There are no lifeguards on this beach so take care. A reef protects the eastern side of the beach. The western side gets strong gusts of wind from the ocean making this a good beach for kite surfing and other kinds of water sports. There is good shade on this beach in the afternoon.

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