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Parlatuvier Bay

This beach is surrounded by the village itself. The school is practically on the beach and the bay is extraordinarily beautiful with rugged rocks closing it in from the sea. The water gets deep quickly and there is excellent jumping and diving from the long pier. Large rocks out in the sea keep the bay closed off and the waters calm for swimming, while jumping and diving off the far rocks are popular activities because the water's depth drops steeply.

This is a small fishing village and you will sometimes meet fishermen bringing home their catch. There is one shop/bar just up from the beach. On the main road is a locally run restaurant which offers delicious local food. On the main road to the west, above the bay, there is a very small bar with a lookout over the village. The perfect chance to get a drink and a photo!

This is one of the more secluded beaches on the Island, great for a romantic walk along the sand.

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