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Stone Haven (Grafton Beach)

Overlooked by Grafton Hotel, this long beach has good swimming and, thanks to big breakers, good body boarding. There are small fixed thatched 'umbrellas' around the entrance to the hotel with free recliners. The beach bar is quiet expensive but does nice lunches and has barbeques some days.

Past the breakers, the sea is clear and deep. There are sometime dangerous currents here and no lifeguards so take care. Canoes etc. can be rented on the beach. There are a few stalls offering local crafts here and the ladies selling sarongs also give massages on the beach.

Turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach between March and September so you might spot an endangered leatherback turtle laying it's eggs in the sand.

This beach is only a 10-minute drive to from Mary's Hill Lodge.

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