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Health and safety

Crime in Tobago is rare, which is why most locals feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked, and tourists usually enjoy a stay in Tobago completely free of crime of any kind. However, in the past year there has been an increase in robberies against foreigners mainly in the Crown Point area. We'd advise you to take the usual precautions associated with going to an unknown area or environment. Use official guides to visit attractions, stay in groups in country areas, avoid isolated beaches and use taxis after dark, and don't carry too much money or your passports on you. In short, use your common sense when you're out and about.

Drug possession is a serious crime on the island and you will receive a hefty fine or even imprisonment if you are caught in the possession of any amount of illegal drugs. As in the UK, if you need police assistance, dial 999. However, if you need to call the fire brigade or for an ambulance, dial 990. A good doctor is Doctor Kumar who can be reached on 639 8888. If you require a dentist, telephone Doctor Steel on 639 8888 and they are both located near the Scarborough area. Drinking the water is reported to be safe; however it is highly recommended that travellers only drink bottled water during their vacation in order to stay safe.


You do not need any injections when visiting the island as the snakes are non-poisonous, and the mosquitoes carry no life threatening diseases. Also, to avoid severe sunburn, don't sit in the mid-day sun and we recommend that you always wear factor 30 on your face – even on overcast days.

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